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25th October 2020 
Uses. wishes

Hypnotherapy is a very natural and safe way to make positive and beneficial life changes. There are many area's in which hypnotherapy may be helpful and effective, including:

Emotional issues; relationship issues; overcoming grief; healing past hurts; low self confidence; low self esteem.

Enhanced creativity; past life regression; personal development; working with dreams.

Phobias and fears; stress and anxiety; panic attacks; sleep disturbance.

Weight issues; body image; eating disorders; stopping smoking; unwanted habits; addictions.

Memory and learning; performance skills; athletic performance; exam nerves; driving test; interviews; public speaking; business skills.

Pain management; health relaxations; sexual problems; preparation for surgery; fears of hospital or dentist.

Childbirth and fertility; childrens issues; and more.....

GHR Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.